Mahamba Gorge OVC

Masibini House Building Project



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The Mahamba Gorge Hiking foundation through the Gorge Hiking Event sponsorship support embarked on building homesteads for the vulnerable groups of the community in consultation with the Social Welfare Department, since its inception the initiative has built 5 houses in different communities in the Shiselweni region namely Magele under Mtsambama Inkhundla accommodating 5 child headed family, Nsalitje under Matsanjeni Inkhundla accommodating 7 child headed family , Mangwaneni community under Shiselweni II Inkhundla accommodating 2 child headed family with a bedridden visual impaired Father ,Masibini under Maseyisini Inkhundla accommodating 4 child headed family with a mentally retarded mother and 60 % complete structure at Mahlashaneni under Mtsambama Inkhundla accommodating 3 childern and a disabled mother.